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Access 600

Convenient Authentication and High-Volume Enrollment

Access600e-1The Access600 is a fast, high-quality iris and face biometric capture device designed for integration into a variety of application solutions. The device has a modern look with stylish curves and a frameless design. Unlike traditional high-quality enrollment devices, the Access600 accommodates a wide range of subject heights. Simply center and look toward the device screen and the Access600 adjusts automatically to collect iris and face biometrics during the enrollment process. Access600 has been integrated with passport scanners, fingerprint capture devices, badge readers, and other sensors to make complete application solutions.

Product Description
  • Rapid acquisition of high-quality face and iris biometrics
  • Web service interface for integration into complex applications
  • Seamless interoperability with our Identity Management Platform and the IOM Access Control Product Suite™
  • Integrates with external credentials to streamline enrollment
  • Optional support for rapid trimodal enrollment
  • Streamline passenger processing through immigration checkpoints
  • Secure base and facility access with large numbers of contractors and personnel
  • Rapid enrollment of iris and face for bases, large organizations, law enforcement, and booking stations
Capabilities & Features
  • Biometric Capture

    • Simultaneous dual iris
    • Color face


    • Enrollment, identification, verification
    • Iris and face capture time < 2 seconds

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