Building Management

Princeton Identity provides a path to high-assurance identity management starting with seamless access control integration that can be deployed quickly.

Building Management

Your Biometric Credential is incredibly safe and secure. It can’t be shared with others. Employees will be able to use the touchless iris readers to conveniently enter secure areas.

With Princeton Identity biometric solutions, there’s nothing to carry, nothing to lose, nothing to touch, and nothing to fear.

Where can you use the Access200™ in your business?

  • Data Center
  • Giving Employees Fast & Easy Access
  • Protecting Your Important Assets
  • Keeping your Medications Safe
  • Exterior Doors to Secure Areas
  • To Do Customer Authentication
  • Enable Multi-factor Authentication for Higher Levels of Security

The Access 200™️ touchless reader can replace any of these readers you are using today:

  • Phone & NFC Reader
  • Palm Vein Readers
  • Fingerprint Readers
  • Swipe Card Readers
Access 200