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Princeton Identity is a global leader in biometric identity management, providing iris scanning and facial recognition systems for access control and security across commercial enterprises.

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Princeton Identity is a leader in multi-modal, multi-factor authentication biometric technology.

We deliver innovative and customized solutions for our customers, providing hardware, software, and unparalleled support. Our accuracy, speed, and ease of use are what set us apart from our competitors.


Powerful Solutions

Our customizable solutions are designed to fit individual business needs across a variety of industries. 

Iris recognition technology offers increased convenience and security

Princeton Identity Iris Technology Featured in Samsung Galaxy Phones

Princeton Identity’s patented iris recognition technology is featured in the Samsung Galaxy phone. Our patented technology allows users to easily unlock their phones with a quick glance at their device, making the Galaxy one of the most secure smartphones.

This partnership brings us one step closer to making iris recognition the standard for user authentication. In the future, expect to see this technology replace the smartphone’s fingerprint and face method to provide a secure, reliable, and easy way to unlock your device.

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  • Customizable solutions to fit your individual business needs
  • Superior customer support
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Excellent value to support your security needs
  • Our history, expertise, and knowledge from working with high-end government customers and mobile phone manufacturer, Samsung.

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