Princeton Identity is a leader in multi-modal, multi-factor authentication biometric technology.
We deliver innovative and customized solutions for our customers, providing hardware, software, and unparalleled support. Our accuracy, speed and ease of use are what set us apart from our competitors.

Financial & Banking

Simplifies authentication of employees and customers. Provides greater identity protection for customers and regulatory compliance for banks. Learn more

Controls access to areas of medical facilities that must maintain higher levels of security. Protects patient and staff identity, managing everything from records to location. Learn more


Provides quick, convenient access to buildings and controlled spaces with multi-modal and high-throughput systems. Replaces existing identification cards. Learn more

Building Management
Keeps facilities more safe and secure by incorporating a multi-modal visitor management system.  Building management systems perform the important task of tracking who is on your premises while giving  you maximum control over the guests accessing your facilities. Learn more

Higher Education

Gives athletes easy “carry-free” access to many secure areas on campus. Enhances lab security with required two-factor-authentication. Enables touchless payments in cafeterias to keep everyone safe. Learn more

Airports & Borders

Offers travelers convenience and efficiency throughout the terminal. Replaces all forms of travel documentation with travelers’ unique physical attributes, which can be scanned at every airport checkpoint. Learn more

Assures safety for their employees as they return to the workplace post-pandemic. Prevents ‘buddy punching.” Simplifies access control and health screening policies. Learn more

Princeton Identity Iris Technology Featured in Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, Note8, & Note9

Iris recognition technology offers increased convenience and security

Princeton Identity’s patented iris recognition technology is featured in the Samsung Galaxy S8. Our patented technology allows users to easily unlock their phones with a quick glance at their device, making the Galaxy S8 one of the most secure smartphones.

This partnership brings us one step closer to making iris recognition the standard for user authentication. In the future, expect to see this technology replace the smart phone’s traditional fingerprint method to provide a secure, reliable and easy way to unlock your device.

Why Choose Princeton Identity

  • Customizable solutions to fit your individual business needs
  • Superior customer support
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Excellent value to support your security needs
  • Our history, expertise, and knowledge from working with high-end government customers and mobile phone manufacturer, Samsung.

Access200™ —

The Access200 product family offers advanced access control security features in an affordable, compact, and sleek design.

Access200™ –
With Temperature Sensor

The Access200™ with Temperature Sensor gives you security at your door. You can be sure that the door will not open if a person registers a fever.

Access600e™ – Identity Management Kiosk Module

The Access600e is a fast, high-quality iris and face biometric capture device designed for integration into a variety of application solutions.

Our Biometric Authentication Products

Portable Rapid-Deployment Security System Built for forward operating bases and other secure installations, this portable….

Princeton Identity: Nothing to Carry. Nothing to Lose. Nothing to Touch. Nothing to Fear.


Sarnoff Corporation spins off Sensar to research and build iris biometric devices using early Sarnoff iris recognition algorithms.


In effort to achieve iris at a distance, Sarnoff demonstrates a 10m iris recognition system to Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.


Building on its expertise in iris at a distance, Sarnoff shows off an iris Portal at the Biometrics Consortium Conference.


Sarnoff invents, builds and deploys an all-weather iris recognition system for vehicles at Fort Meade.


Iris sets (and still holds) an iris at a distance record by recognizing subjects by iris at 30m.


Sarnoff launches the compact NGlance iris recognition system and is awarded ‘Best Product’ at International Security Conference & Exposition West.


SRI deploys a rugged Portal on a Mideast international border and identifies many watchlist individuals.


SRI demonstrates to BIMA (Biometrics Identity Management Agency, DoD) handheld devices that use simultaneous face and iris ID on moving subjects at a 2m distance at large angle.


Samsung launches Galaxy S8 smartphone featuring SRI-designed iris recognition system hardware and software.


PI deploys Access200 iris recognition systems for commercial clients.


PI launches tri-modal biometric recognition system in CONEX form-factor for rapid deployment by DoD.


Princeton Identity introduces Biometrics on a card and visitor Management and Time and Attendance.

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