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Princeton Identity History

Princeton Identity Inc. was formerly a division of SRI International marketed under the SRI Identity brand. SRI and SRI Identity have had a long and successful history of delivering leading-edge technology, going back to the roots of the company in Stanford University, RCA Labs, and Sarnoff Labs, where many familiar technologies were born. Some of these technologies have become household items, including color television, the computer mouse, and Siri (purchased by Apple). Others have had broader impact, such as ground-scanning satellites, automated check processing, medical devices, and cancer-fighting drugs.

Recent work in biometric technologies was applied to a wide range of government and commercial needs, as well as to mainstream applications. It is this recent work, and its potential applications to the physical security market and other related markets, that led to the formation of Princeton Identity.

The management team is comprised of staff from SRI International, having experience in operations and research and multiple years of biometrics experience.

Our patented technology offers the most secure and convenient solutions available today.

Our software and physical hardware provide versatile identity authentication solutions designed to verify and manage individuals’ identities for a wide range of physical security and access applications. With proven installations around the world, Princeton Identity offers system solutions for a diverse range of mainstream applications, including mobile access control, corporate, industrial and secure workplaces, as well as airports, critical infrastructure, public arenas, and border control.

Princeton Identity creates products for organizations seeking new ways to streamline security, increase throughput, optimize operations, and control costs. Our solutions deliver high-accuracy minimal user interaction—ideal for authentication in markets such as security, transportation, airports, finance, healthcare, and others. The company’s unique multimodal biometric solutions employ distinctive iris and facial recognition technologies designed for accuracy and ease of use.

Approved Patents: US10042994, US10025982, US10038691, US7542628, US7657127, US7574021, US7627147, US7751598, US8639058, US8682073.

Pending Patents: 14/863950; 2016/0012218; 62/481,324; 62/598,178; 15/471,131; 14/863936; 2016/0014121; 14/863960; 2016/0012292; 15/514098; 2017/0251366;

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• 2022 SIA Women in Biometrics Awards winner - CEO Bobby Varma

2022 SIA Women in Security Forum Power 100 - CEO Bobby Varma

•  Iris Biometrics-Embedded Enterprise Operations Terminal: Security’s Best Winner, ASIS 2015 Accolades

• KEES™: Security’s Best Winner, ASIS 2015 Accolades

• KEES™: Best in Locks, Safes and Hardware, 2015 New Product of the Year, Security Products

• KEES™: Best in Locks, Safes and Hardware, SIA NPS, ISC West 2015

• IOM PassPort™ SL: Top 30 Technology Innovations 2014, Security Sales & Integration

• IOM PassThru™: Security’s Best Winner, ASIS 2013 Accolades


• IOM PassThru™: Best in Biometrics, Identification & Credentialing, SIA NPS, ISC West 2013

• IOM RapID-Cam™ II: Best Biometrics and Identity Solution, SIA NPS, ISC West 2012

• IOM PassPort™: This “Biometrics in Motion” solution, resulting from a partnership between SRI and Human Recognition Systems, won the 2011 Innovation in Counter Terrorism Prize

• IOM Glance™: Best New Product, SIA NPS, ISC West 2010

• IOM Glance™: Best Biometrics and Identity Solution, Security Industry Association (SIA) New Product Showcase (NPS), International Security Conference & Exposition (ISC) West 2010

• NJ Tech Council: Outstanding Technology Development 2016

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