Access200™ —Product Family

The IOM Access200 product family offers advanced access control security features in an affordable, compact, and sleek design. Authorized users can effortlessly enter areas protected by Access200 units because the strength of the iris biometric ensures high confidence in the identity of the person at the door. The system provides flexible security options to meet the most complex needs. In its most secure mode, Access200 offers multifactor security-requiring something you have, something you know, and something you are for each user.

Products include:

  • Access200™
  • Access200e™
  • Access200w™
  • Includes High Assurance Boot
  • AES 256 encryption for all data
  • Physical tamper and liveness detection
  • TLS 1.2 for network communication


  • Identification
  • Verification
  • Enrollment


  • Iris biometric
  • Configurable PIN pad
  • Integrated proximity card reader*

Access500e™ —Identity management kiosk module

The IOM Access500e is a fast, high-quality iris and face biometric capture device designed for integration into a variety of application solutions. Simply look toward the device screen to collect iris and face samples during the enrollment process. Access500e has been integrated with passport scanners, fingerprint capture devices, badge readers, and other sensors to make complete application solutions.

Biometric Capture

  • Simultaneous dual iris
  • Color face
  • Fingerprint -optional with external device(s)


  • Enrollment, identification, verification
  • Iris and face capture time < 2 seconds
  • Iris, face, and fingerprint capture time < 1 minute

Portal100™ —High throughput biometrics at a distance

High-security, high-traffic locations require high-speed high-assurance identification. The IOM Portal100 can positively identify up to 20 people per minute, making it ideal for high-throughput applications, including factories, facilities, airports, and borders, as well as corporate lobbies.

  • Hands-free
  • Up to 20 people per minute
  • Multimodal – matches both irises and face
  • Expandable to support trimodal operations
  • Seamless integration with existing access control systems
  • Capable of verification when integrated with a credential
  • Interoperable with the IOM Access Control Product Suite™ and capable of supporting a scalable distributed enterprise deployment

Typical Application

  • High-throughput, high-security identification and access control


  • Dual modality–iris and face (Trimodal available with the addition of external fingerprint readers)


  • Identification (Verification with the addition of an external card reader)

IDS Series

Princeton Identity offers a scalable software platform for identity management through an intuitive, easy-to-use web interface and an open, secure REST API. The platform provides a set of core services that includes multimodal and multifactor biometric identification, including iris and PINs.

  • Multimodal multifactor identification
  • Intuitive web browser interface
  • Live monitoring of enrollments or biometrics collection points
  • Out of box integrations with leading EAC systems
  • Powerful API for easy integration with existing systems or custom applications
  • End-to-end security: strong encryption for all communication and data
  • User defined subject categories and alerts

Multi-modal Biometric Identity in an Environmental Conex Shelter

Portable Rapid-Deployment Security System Built for forward operating bases and other secure installations, this portable MBES Conex-system offers contactless tri-modal security that quickly identifies subjects “on the move” using face, dual irises, and fingerprint recognition.

  • Portable
  • Hands-free
  • Trimodal – matches iris, face, and fingerprint
  • Up to 15 people per minute
  • Quickly identifies subjects “on the move”

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