Higher Education

Secure & Easy Access

Secure the athletic facilities so that student athletes can access the appropriate areas without having to carry a card or phone.

No Lost Cards – No Sharing

Protect labs, spending and access throughout the entire campus. You always have your credential.

Higher Levels of Secure Identification

Control access to secure areas and leverage 2 factor authentication to ensure a safer environment.


Finance & Banking


Maximizing mobile and multimodal authentication technology to expand reach and enable flexibility while maintaining speed and accuracy.

Frictionless Transactions

Customer experience is enhanced as banks are able to identify and verify customers quicker with biometric systems. Provides enhanced user experience and security in smartphones, ATMs, and mobile wallets.

Reduces Liability & Fraud

Strong authentication of employees and customers. Instant identity verification from smartphones to PCs using biometrics-secured mobile payments. Provides greater identity protection for customers and regulatory compliance for banks.


Physical Security

Any Environment

Solutions for multiple entry points, at a variety of heights and distances for both indoors and out, allowing secure access for any type of environment and weather condition.

Ease of Use

bility to identify a person on the move with a high-throughput and contactless system without slowing down operations.

Multimodal & Multifactor

Add extra security layers with multiple modalities.


Airports & Borders

Seamless Travel Experience

Convenient experience throughout the terminal. Replace all forms of travel documentation with your unique physical attributes, which can be scanned at every airport checkpoint.

Prioritizing Safety & Speed

From passengers to airport employees, get instant confirmation of an individual’s identity without sacrificing security and speed.

High-throughput Systems

Quickly move large numbers of passengers through security and border control.



Fraud Prevention

Reduce insurance fraud and secure access to healthcare records. Higher levels of secure identification.

Ensure Accurate Identity Authentication

Protect patient and staff identity, manage everything from records to location.

Higher Levels of Secure Identification

Control access to protect areas of medical facilities that must maintain higher levels of security.