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Bobby Varma Nov 4, 2020 1:26:00 PM 2 min read

Tracking Employees Thru Access in New-Normal

As we head into the holiday season 2020, life as we have known it has changed dramatically. Our everyday activities have additional steps that we must complete in order to keep ourselves and those around us safe. As we head back into the office, things are going to be different as well. Temperature checks are going to become part of the process for getting ready in the morning. What about those of us who would just normally power through when we are not feeling 100%? The plan is to get as much work done before we need to head home. We need to be much more careful than ever before. The new normal will not tolerate this type of dedication.  

What steps, as employers, can we take, to help the people coming to the office feel safe, without adding many more processes and hoops to jump through, to verify we should be here? What happens if someone comes down with COVID-19 symptoms while they are at the office? Contact Tracing and Fever Detection are options in the new normal. Adding Access Control readers throughout the building gives you the ability to know who and when someone was located in a particular area. Being able to trace an infected individual and their movements can help you keep everyone safer. Adding Temperature screening at the main entrances can keep people, who have a fever, from ever entering the building. By adding temperature screening near restrooms, provides the ability to verify the safety of your office environment throughout the day. These new technologies will take some adjustment. The ease of use and quick response that these automated systems offer can help you add the new security features without disrupting the business processes that need to occur. You also provide your employees the safe environment they need in order to be productive while they are at the office.

Bobby Varma

Bobby Varma is the CEO of Princeton Identity.