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Bobby Varma Sep 23, 2020 2:59:00 PM 1 min read

Touchless Solutions Create Safer Work Environment

As companies contemplate getting personnel back to work, employee safety is a major concern. Unfortunately, public surfaces are a part of all work environments.  We grab doorknobs previously touched by othersand we enter common areas used by co-workers.  Even things like pin-pads, fingerprint or palm-vein readers, and optical sensors require our touch.   Sadly now, fear of contagion living on public surfaces within the work environment is our new reality as we move throughout our daily lives.  So how do companies ensure safety in the workplace?  Simple.  By deploying new touchless and secure access control technologies that enable an open environment while protecting employees. 

First impressions matter.  Employees returning to work after an extended lock-down gain assurance of site safety from their first interaction with a touchless security station at the main door that combines access control with a quick, accurate and touchless temperature scan.  As that healthy individual enters the lobby, the next interior door scans their iris or face which automatically opens the next door leading them to their designated and safe office area.  Touchless biometric solutions provide employee safety by offering seamless, clean, high-assurance identity management starting with physical access control.  

Options exist that provide touchless solutions. Biometric technology is the next step in that evolution leaving nothing to touch, carry, lose or fear.  

Bobby Varma

Bobby Varma is the CEO of Princeton Identity.