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Bobby Varma May 12, 2020 12:59:00 PM 2 min read

Touchless Campus Deployments

As colleges embark on opening campuses in the fall, their primarily concern is keeping their students and personnel safe. But, Not every part of campus demands the same level of security. Stopping in for that morning cup of coffee can be a quick tap-and-go with the campus ID. However, do you want that same ID, which can be ‘loaned’ to anyone, to be used for entry into high-risk laboratories working on developing new medications treatments in today’s world? Does the student-athlete want to touch the same sensor after an intense workout as everyone else? Students and staff want convenient access, but they want to know they are secure and safe.

Science, engineering, medical and veterinary buildings contain valuable, restricted, sometimes controversial and potentially dangerous samples, materials and equipment. Users of iris systems benefit from contactless identity management using biometrics while avoiding the need to remove gloves or masks or fumble with identification. These biometric systems ease access to laboratories and supplies with a simple glance toward doors and cabinets.Lab

Securing athletic facilities is a particularly tricky challenge. Student athletes and coaches rarely carry anything personal with them out to the playing fields or courts, leaving access control cards or keys in the locker rooms. As a result, doors are propped open, defeating security for the entire building. Auburn University found a way to defeat this access control threat by using iris access control. You can install biometric readers on team facilities where athletes don’t have to carry identification for high assurance access, then expand to all athletic facilities such as gymnasia and pools for all students and staff. Field

Iris recognition technology is the next step in the evolution of the digital campus integrating seamlessly and cost-effectively into existing access control systems. And leaving nothing to touch, nothing to carry, nothing to lose and nothing to fear.

Bobby Varma

Bobby Varma is the CEO of Princeton Identity.