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Jean-Michele Florent Jun 23, 2020 2:08:00 PM 2 min read

Time & Attendance in 2020

Back in 1979 when I landed my first job I had my first experience with a time clock. I punched in to start work, punched out when I had lunch, punched back in again after lunch, and then punched out to complete my shift. I I was going to be late or I had car trouble, I could call and have my friend punch my card so that I would be considered on time. Buddy punching is just one of the many issues that time clocks created. Today it is estimated that businesses loose more than $373 million dollars per year because of buddy punching. We are in the middle of a pandemic and we are hiring more and more hourly workers. What safeguards can we put in place to stop the abuse of the time clock and protect everyone from contracting the coronavirus. There are four main areas that come into play when dealing with Time and Attendance in 2020. Buddy punching, contact tracing, lost cards and PPE. 

Biometrics have been one of the key solutions to verify who someone is while curbing buddy punching. Unfortunately, most of the biometric solutions require touch or facial recognition. Both require the user to remove their mask and/or gloves. Iris biometrics offer a very fast and simple solution, while protecting everyone who is using it. WIth touch biometrics, one infected employee can quickly infect an entire shift. If we look at technologies that can be used without removing all of our protective gear, we will crate a much safer and employee friendly environment. Today, now more than ever, contact tracing will be a critical requirement to protect employees and keep your business running smoothly. Knowing exactly who and when someone checked in and checked out is becoming increasingly important. Lost card and card sharing are eliminated with the deployment of biometric systems. Time and Attendance tracking is a very important part of business today. Iris biometrics can provide the security you need, at the same time, protecting your most important assets. With Iris Biometrics there is nothing to touch, nothing to carry, nothing to loose and nothing to fear.