Portal100™ —High throughput biometrics at a distance

High-security, high-traffic locations require high-speed high-assurance identification. The Portal100 can positively identify up to 20 people per minute, making it ideal for high-throughput applications, including factories, facilities, airports, and borders, as well as corporate lobbies.

  • Hands-free
  • Up to 20 people per minute
  • Multimodal – matches both irises and face
  • Expandable to support trimodal operations
  • Seamless integration with existing access control systems
  • Capable of verification when integrated with a credential
  • Interoperable with the IOM Access Control Product Suite™ and capable of supporting a scalable distributed enterprise deployment

Typical Application

  • High-throughput, high-security identification and access control


  • Dual modality–iris and face (Trimodal available with the addition of external fingerprint readers)


  • Identification (Verification with the addition of an external card reader)
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