Access200™ —Next generation biometric reader

Access200™ effortlessly processes identification with a quick glance at any point of entrance where secure access is needed.
Known to be quick, convenient and intuitive, this multimodal recognition technology reduces breeches and increases the
level of protection to become one of the most accurate and secure ways for identity management.

  • Newly designed in a compact form factor
  • Large capture volume
  • Multimodal/multifactor authentication
  • Enrollment capable
  • Processing capable to reduce infrastructure costs
  • Multiple modalities including dual or single iris recognition, face capture, card readers or configurable PIN pads
  • Touch screen for an easy user interface and initiated from a motion sensor, card or screen swipe
  • Various operating modes including identification and verification or enrollment
    (ISO compliant)
  • Two-way communication
  • Integration with web-based identity services or common access control systems
  • Use in indoor and outdoor environments
  • Liveness/anti-spoofing capabilities
  • Secure processing and data encryption on the network
  • Variance to support enrollment quality images and outdoor operations
  • CE and UL approved and FCC certified res
  • Web based identity service
  • Range of common Access Control systems
  • Only required connections are Ethernet and Power
    (unless using device Wiegand control)
  • Software configurable ID flow and modalities by door
  • Wiegand In/Out and relays for door control
  • Subject Synchronization – with a range of common vendors
  • Dual or single iris
  • Face capture
  • Card Reader-NFC/RFID-HF
  • Configurable PIN pad
  • Touch Screen for easy user interface
  • Two way communications capable
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