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Princeton Identity is a global leader in biometric identity management, providing solutions for access control, physical security, and data security across commercial enterprises.

Manage the Entire Identity Lifecycle

Verify Identity. Reduce Risk. Stay Compliant.

Identity is becoming more integral to how we do business, so you need a solution that can transform your operations today while preparing for tomorrow.

Do more than just access control, develop an entire process for lifecycle identity management that integrates easily, reduces risk, and maintains compliance while improving customer & employee experience.

Replace traditional and fraud-filled methods of access like log-ins, passwords, and keycards with biometric authentication. 


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Do more than just verify identity

Most access control solutions stop at the door. Our identity platform combines advanced biometric readers with robust identity management that can transform how you manage security across both your physical and digital infrastructure. 

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Eliminate Security Threats

Our advanced face and iris biometric readers combine lightning-fast authentication with unparalleled security and convenience.


Enhance User


Using biometrics at the core of your identification and authorization processes can enhance employee and customer experience across the lifecycle.

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Evolve Operational Efficiency

Our identity management platform allows your people to self-enroll their biometrics and automates the process of credentialing and authorizing access. 

Our solutions are used across a wide variety of industries and applications

Our flexible platform approach to security allows you to create a customizable solution designed to fit your unique individual business needs. 

Featured in Samsung Galaxy Phones

Princeton Identity Iris Technology is used in millions of devices worldwide.

Princeton Identity’s patented iris recognition technology is featured in the Samsung Galaxy phone. Our patented technology allows users to easily unlock their phones with a quick glance at their device, making the Galaxy one of the most secure smartphones.

Why Choose Princeton Identity?

Unlike many identity hardware and software vendors, Princeton Identity uses a full suite of in-house developed technologies to bring sophisticated biometric solutions to key markets across the globe. We provide our customers with a holistic and integrated biometric identity platform and access control solution.

All of our products are designed and built in the USA.

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Some of the largest and most successful companies in the world rely on Princeton Identity

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